Quintessential Finance


We can help you:

  • Determine your funding objectives.
  • Be clear on the funding options available to you, and the implications and benefits of each.
  • Know the value of your project/asset to be financed and your debt servicing capacity.
  • Understand the appetite of financiers and the likely pricing and terms of funding.
  • Prepare proposal documents, including credit submissions / proposals.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of finance.
  • Manage debt covenants and reviews.

Types of services we offer

  • Property construction finance.
  • Refinance/restructure an existing debt on more favourable terms.
  • Asset and equipment finance.
  • Working capital to fund growth or increase business activity
  • trade finance.
  • Property investment, including purchasing your home.
  • Equipment and commercial vehicle finance.
  • Property and development finance.
  • Trade finance.

Our services

  • Modelling a range of funding options that suit your needs.
  • Performance of a financial health check and confirmation of debt servicing capacity.
  • Preparation of credit proposals for submission to financiers.
  • Leverage of our network of financers, including banks and non-banks, to gain access to funding for you.
  • Assistance with negotiating the terms of your loan.
  • Management of your ongoing debt covenants and reviews.

Quintessential Finance’s preparation is the key to the successful financial outcomes of our clients.