Quintessential Finance

Specialist engagements

Members of the Quintessential Finance team have held senior roles in the finance and banking industry and have a breadth of experience in banking, commercial lending and banking, and  regulatory requirements. Our team has the expertise to undertake specialist engagements including:

  • Preparation of credit assessments or loan submissions to supplement your internal resources and skills.
  • Conduct of hindsight review of loans to give you an independent opinion on the health of your loan exposures and underwriting practices.
  • Independent review of loan submissions, credit assessments and underwriting policies, particularly the industries of specialisation.
  • Provide genuine insights into the performance and outlook of industry sectors, particularly the industries of specialisation.
  • Conduct loan portfolio impairment stress testing/modelling to give you insights into the resilience of your loan portfolio and capital.
  • Origination of lending opportunities (e.g. broking).

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